●天線場型量測系統/Antenna measurement system



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NEW - Super Duty x250 series supports 250 Lbs.

antenna measurement
250 pound capacity, Ethernet Control and frequencies up to 40 GHz
The all new x250 series antenna measurement systems are the newest addition to the Diamond Engineering lineup Featuring dual-axis encoded stepper movement with advanced 3D Measurement Software. A new Ethernet control option eliminates the need for the now dissapearing RS-232 communication port. A 400lb capacity tripod is included for the most demanding loads.
Heavy Duty x100 Series Antenna Measurement System

antenna measurement
Heavy-duty 100-pound capacity and frequencies up to 40 GHz
The DAMS x100 series Antenna Measurement Systems provides you with all of the tools necessary for accurate Antenna Measurements. Featuring dual-axis precision movement with advanced 3D Measurement Software to give you a true representaion of your measured Antenna.
NEW - Full Spherical Mount Available
Sunday, June 1, 2008

Full Spherical Antenna MountThe FSM5 - Full Spherical Mount is now available to order. This low reflection attachment fits directly onto your existing x000 series antenna measurement system enabling complete spherical antenna measurements in one step while maintaining phase center. Efficiency calculation software is also included with the system.

Features Include:

  • DC-18 GHz frequency range
  • 90% Delrin construction
  • Accomodates up to 12" Dia. AUT
  • 1/10 degree resolution
  • CTIA and general efficiency software
  • Runs from existing controller connections


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