●射頻被動元件/RF passive components

RF components business:

1. RF Adaptors:DC-50GHz,50ohm

       Coaxial Adapters (In series and between series)

       High power adaptors

       Push-on Adaptors

       Waveguide to coax adaptor

2. Connectors:DC-50GHz,50ohm

       Blind Mate connectors

       Coaxial Connectors

       High power connectors

       Multi Pin Connectors

       Push-on Connectors

3. RF cable assemblies (Extra low loss Microwave cable assemblies 50GHz)

       ANA Test Cables

       Flexible Cable assemblies

       Low Loss Cable assemblies

4. Test Necessities and Accessories

       LRL, TRL Calibration and Verification Kits

       ANA Cable Assemblies

       Torque Wrenches

       Interface Gauges

       Calibration Kits


5. Components






       Custom Components






       Phase Shifters



       Waveguide Components