●近場探棒/ Near Field Probes

Near-Field Probes

Near-field probes are used for accompanying measurements of high-frequency, electric and magnetic RF fields on assemblies and devices. Technical parameters for the single probes are available from the respective product articles and from the overview PDF as a download.

RF, Passive, 30 MHz - 3 GHz

The RF family consists of nine magnetic field probes and six E-field probes, which are available in sets. These sets are optimized for different measurement tasks. We are happy to create customized sets upon request.


MFA, Active, 1MHz - 6 GHz

The MFA family consists of four active magnetic field probes. The MFA 01 includes three magnetic field probes. The MFA 02 set consists of two magnetic field probes for low frequency measurements.


XF, Passive, 30 MHz - 6 GHz

The XF family consists of four magnetic-field probes and three E-field probes. The XF1 set (four magnetic-field probes and one E-field probe) as well as customized sets are available.