●雷擊波產生器/ Surge Generators

雷擊波產生器/ Surge Generators



Surge Generators /  Combination Wave Generator

Surge Voltage
1.2 / 50 μs
0.5 - 6 kV
Surge Current
8 / 20 μs
0.25 - 3 kA
acc. to IEC 1000-4-5,
EN 61000-4-5, IEEE 587















The Surge Generators / Combination Wave Generator is a combined impulse-current-/impulse-voltage
generator which, for high-impedance loads, RL > 100W, delivers a standard impulse voltage
with waveform 1.2/50μs and, for short-circuited output, a standard impulse current with
waveform 8/20μs.

The generator allows surge testing of components and devices, galvanic coupling of surges
to cable shields, shielded enclosures and cabinets as well as testing electromagnetic
compatibility, EMC, of electronic devices and systems against pulsed and conducted

Executing surge immunity tests at power supply a line triggering of high-voltage pulses is
accomplished synchronous with mains. The precise trigger point can be shifted between 0 to
360 ° after the zero crossing of the mains voltage. The polarity of the output voltage is
selectable. Positive, negative or alternating polarity of the output voltage can be preselected.


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