●電性快速叢訊產生器/ EFT Generators

電性快速叢訊產生器/ EFT Generators


Burst/EFT Generators:Electrical Fast Transient Generator

Output Voltage:


0.2 - 4.4 kV
Burst Frequency:
1 kHz - 1000 kHz
EMC Test acc. to
IEC 61000-4-4, Ed.2
EN 61000-4-4, Ed.2







The repetitive fast transient test is a test with bursts consisting of a number of fast transients,
coupled into power supply, control, signal and earth ports of electrical and electronic
equipment. Significant for the test are the high amplitude, the short rise time, the high
repetition rate, and the low energy of the transients.
The test is intended to demonstrate the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment when
subjected to types of transient disturbances such as those originating from switching
transients (interruption of inductive loads, relay contact bounce, etc.).


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