●靜電產生器/ ESD Generators

靜電產生器/ESD Generator 如下



The ESD simulator can be used for EMC
tests on systems and installations according to the
standards IEC / EN 61000-4-2 and ISO / TR10605,
1994 (Automotive).
The flexible set-up of the ESD simulators allows further
tests according to different standard and customer



¨  Capacity modules available up to 1000 pF
¨  Resistor modules available from 50 Ohm up to > 5kOhm
¨  Electrical polarity module (optional)
¨  Ergonomic grip with big trigger key
¨  Discharge module with faster rise time < 400 ps(optional). Possibility of stricter and more aggressive tests.
¨  Desktop control unit with a big display and digits which are easy to read
¨  modules are being electronically recognised – the result is shown on the display
¨  Big keys for easy and fast parameter adjustments
¨  User defined adjustments possible as following:contact discharge with contact control or external
triggering via separate key
¨  Remote control including RS 232 optical set with 10m fibre optics cable and control software (optional)


Example: Test level and voltages according to IEC and ISO
IEC / EN 61000-4-2: -> 150 pF/ 330 Ohm, discharge voltage up to 30 kV
ISO / TR 10605: component / unit test -> 330 pF / 2000 Ohm, discharge voltage up to 30 kV
tests outside the vehicle -> 150 pF / 2000 Ohm, discharge voltage up to 30 kV


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