●EMI 線路阻抗穩定網路/EMI LISN

Line Impedance stabilization Networks (LISNs)

德國 Schwarzbeck LISN ( Line Impedance Stabilization Networks ):主要應用於電磁干擾之傳導雜訊干擾量測 (9kHz-30MHz),完全符合CISPR 16-1,CISPR 25 / ISO 7637,MIL 461 MIL 462...客戶包括: EMC 電磁相容產品認證之標準實驗室,各資訊,電子產品公司之產品開發單位...進行最終或預測的量測設備,於進行電磁干擾之傳導雜訊干擾量測時,此線路阻抗穩定網路(LISN)隔離外部電源與待測物(EUT)之間干擾及藉由此網路之射頻50ohm端到頻譜分析儀 ( Spectrum Analyzer )或EMI接收機 ( EMI receiver ) 監測待測物(EUT)本體之干擾.

Schwarzbeck LISN 擁有之特點:高穩定度,自然空氣散熱線圈,超低電壓耗損,長時間使用仍處於低溫工作狀態,良好結構性,本體提供大的系統接地達到安全與高穩定之精準量測.


A LISN Line Impedance Stabilization Networks / AMN Artificial Mains Network

Supplies the necessary mains voltage (AC or DC) and current for the Equipment under Test (EuT).Couples interference voltage generated by the EuT and supplies it to the receiver.Provides well defined impedance to the Equipment under Test (EuT)Keeps away unwanted disturbance coming from mains (filter).











We can distinguish three types of LISN: V-, T- and Delta-LISN

Figure 2 shows the voltage relationship of a two-line-system with separate ground.

The V-LISN measures the unsymmetric disturbance voltage between the two lines L1 and ground or L2 and ground. V-LISN also called V-ANM. The V-LISN is by far the most commonly used LISN.

There are two types of V-LISN with different impedance. The V-LISN with 5μH (CISPR 16-1-2, CISPR 25, ISO 7637) are normally used for vehicles, boats and aircraft. The other Type of V-LISN with 50 µH according to MIL 461 and MIL 462.

The T-ISN (Figure 2 right) measures the asymmetric disturbance voltage (common mode voltage) and provides it to an EMI Receiver. T-ISN is normally used for measuring Information, telecommunication and data transmission equipment.